A Better Betty

If you are the kind of person who colored their hair three hundred different shades in your youth, this blog might be for you. If you are the kind of person that currently has six inch long roots with tons of gray, this might be the blog for you. Let’s face it, coloring your hair isn’t quite as fun nowadays!

I moved to a new town six months ago. I loved the old town. I loved the old friends. There are not any new friends to take their place. We came here so my husband can get a degree and change careers. It has also meant going from two incomes to one. I have recently come to terms with the fact that I am a brat. I am in love with shopping and pretty things. If it is shiny, I like it even better. I also really love going out to eat and going new placesimage. Sadly, I either had to quit cold turkey or go broke.

My kids love it here. I am all Eeyore while they are partying it up. I’ve been Bitter Betty With Baggage or Bad Attitude Betty. I’m tired of being grumpy. I’m tired of dwelling on the negative. I need to become a Better Betty. Please join me on my journey to a better me. I promise to screw up just enough to make it funny. Plus, I have really cute kids that do wacky things like watch Swan Lake in their ballet clothes after dancing to The Nutcracker while screaming “Mommy, don’t dance!”.

9 thoughts on “A Better Betty

  1. I caved and took on a temporary contract job because I just wanted to be able to go target and sephora and buy things for me without feeling like I was robbing our refrigerator.


  2. Just signed up for your blog email. I can relate to everything you said here! Especially the changes in hair! The older I get the less I like getting my hair done so yep, I’m sporting some 5 inch roots.. it’s called ombre LOL! As for shopping, when I discovered thrifting, I was hooked! It took me a while to get the hang of it, but I’m tellin ya, I find most things that my family likes at a thrift store eventually.. for cheap. And I’m a big clearance shopper too. As for going out to eat, we don’t much but I like to cook soo it’s all good. So it’s all good to meet you April Lou, thank you for stopping by my blog. You are a no reply commenter ..(in case you didn’t know).
    Have a good week,


  3. Change is hard, I’m on a grump is these days too. Don’t want to be this way, but I think this time I was on some people have a harder time adjusting to wear their life is… I am certainly one of those people. I’m trying hard to embrace the now and be less grumpy, it’s a daily struggle. I Want more, more time, my shiny things, more money, and then I kick back and realize I can’t when I happy just enough? The internal struggle continues but just know you certainly aren’t alone… And I’m the lady in desperate need of a haircut and color who stretches those appointments as far as I can stretch that dollar! So, you’re right, your blog is a new friend!


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