In the Land of Make-Believe

One day I will move again. This is one of my favorite daydreams. I think about all the towns we could live in and the things that we will do there. It isn’t that I’m unhappy where I am! It is that there is so much more to see and experience. I like to play on my Zillow app a lot! I’ll search for houses and marvel at all the different styles of homes. I really love to look at home decor. It’s cool seeing how different people are when it comes to personal taste. My household isn’t interested. I am always telling my husband to look at this and look at that. He doesn’t find the whole thing very amusing. He’d rather watch television or brush his teeth. I’m hoping you like this game a little better.

Every once in a while, a house has so much pizzazz that I begin to feel very lame. I wish I was as brave, creative, and exciting. Then I remember my rental agreement and I simmer down.

Let’s have a look at what I found last night. I think we should do this like guided imagery. I want you to close your eyes and picture a nursery. The kind for babies! Think of all the things you know about soft colors and baby sleep. Now, think of the opposite! Think of babies rock and rolling all night! Think of lemons and sunshine and cheerful craziness.


I really actually kind of like it! I wouldn’t do it because my children are reluctant sleepers without any help! I kept flipping through the photos and they ate all great. I did pause at the other kid’s quarters.

My husband really thought it was cool how the Lego bucket matches the rest of the green decor! This is truly buying with a purpose.

This house is on Zillow right now and can’t be beat! I love midcentury modern and this home is a great example. Check it out and share your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “In the Land of Make-Believe

  1. Oh I dream of moving all the time- nothing permanent because I love our farm to much, but moving places for three mo the at a time! I’m always scouring trying to figure out how to see the world and bring kids and not be pushed to do it all in a couple days time. Anyway, those are some serious nurseries- definitely takes a creative with a love for color!


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