I Try It So You Don’t Have To

I love stuff. It’s a bad habit for a broke girl. I am getting better at using my willpower, but I still cave from time to time. I also love to tell girlfriends about the off the wall things I try. It can get pretty out there. I’m in short supply of girlfriends. My blog gets to pick up the slack.

Today’s installment is the pits. I have this weird aversion to deodorant, but I also have an aversion to stink, stank, stunk. I have psychological baggage in regards to my underarms. My brother used to talk about all the supposed dangers of deodorant , and it scared the mess out of me. I’m not here to discuss the what is a reality and what is a myth. I just use my fear to drive my latest purchases.

My husband sometime buys random things off of my Amazon wish list. It’s pretty sweet to get a surprise in a package of subscribe and save diapers. Recently, I opened a package and found this..  I was so excited. I’ve tried some alternatives supermarket deodorant, but never any like this.


I’m a total Amazon review junkie. I research everything. I read tons of reviews before trying it, and I must say I was a little disturbed at the whole rub it into your pits thing! Ew! I don’t want to touch them. You get over it the more you use it.

The deodorant comes with a handy dandy spatula for scooping. You are only supposed to get a pea size amount. I didn’t trust that at first. I was putting lima bean size amounts onto the spatula. You really don’t need that much!


I don’t really enjoy the next part. You’ve got to roll it around in your hand to warm it up. I think I have sensory issues because it totally creeps me out. I can’t wait to wash my hands. It doesn’t always come off easily. I guess that is a good thing in the pits, but it is a little unsettling on my hands.


I’ll spare you the pictures of the next step. You just rub that little pea into your pits. It’ll keep you fresh all day. I run around a lot at my job. I sweat. One day I was wet in my pits, but there was no odor.

I’ve tried the cedarwood+juniper and the lavender+ sage. I strongly prefer the cedarwood+juniper. I felt that the lavender combo had a funky cheese smell at the end of the day. Not attractive!

The bottom line:

Pros: no aluminum, earthy smell, cute container, made in the USA, effective at stopping odors

Cons: pricey ($10.00 is hard to justify on one income), gets and stays on hand, lavender has cheese smell

Will I use it again?: I’ve purchased it twice. I may have to go with something cheaper next time, but I do like it.

If you’ve tried it, what are your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “I Try It So You Don’t Have To

  1. Very interesting, I had never heard of this. Maybe I’ll give it a try sometime. Right now I use Tom’s without aluminum, but it’s not always that effective in keeping odors away 😦 .


  2. Hi April…paying a visit from Life On Willie Mae Lane. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. So, you are a teacher too! I teach kinder…exhausting for sure! I saw that you live in Tallahassee. My daughter lives up there and I am leaving in the morning to go visit her. I love it up there! So much to do…:) And…I have never tried this deoderant, but I have a couple blog friends who make their own all natural deoderant and swear by it. I keep saying I’m going to make some myself, but haven’t gotten around to it. Have a nice weekend!


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