Ladies and Gentlemen, Amateur Hour

Wahhhh! Making presents requires use of my limited brain power and creativity. My head hurts. I made those stinking heart stamps with a final vision in mind! It turned out, uh, different than originally planned. I let my biggest boy lead the way and I think the end result is cute. I set the goal of spending five bucks on the project, and we came in under that! Go us!

We used materials that we had around the house. Raise your hand if you shop on Amazon. Do you know that brown paper in the boxes? I have tons of it! I just knew I’d be able to put it to good use. I
also used a mason jar, and a stamp pad my husband uses at “daddy school”. These were all items we had around the house.

See the stamps? My big boy used them to decorate the paper. He also decided to use a heart button that we had. We dipped it in red paint. My kiddo loves paint. Don’t have a big button? It’d be just a good to draw and color the big red hearts!

After much stamping, the paper looked pretty swell! I loved it.

I let the paint dry and I stuffed the paper into the mason jar. It about gave me a heart attack! It crinkled and I was terrified it would tear! It didn’t! Pretty tough for free supplies, huh?

You can stuff the jar with anything that you choose. We picked some delicious chocolate truffle Hugs and Kisses! You have to push the paper down as you add the candy.

We added one extra red heart to a piece of paper and covered the lid with it. I love this part the most!

I used a cute old gift bad and a silver marker to make the gift tag. I have an unsteady hand so I traced a tag to get the right shape.

I think the little jar turned out pretty well! I only spent money on the candy and it was BOGO. I’m exhausted. Time to pop another cork for more projects!


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