I Try It So You Don’t Have To! Snowman Edition

We live in South Georgia. The weather here changes on a day to day basis. It is shorts weather one day and sweater weather the next. We never know what to wear! We get a lot of different weather conditions, but
it never snows here. My kids have no idea what snow looks or feels like. We’ve been trying to give some exposure through art, books, and activities.

During the holidays, my daughter loved watching Frosty the Snowman. My husband and I don’t let them watch holiday movies after the holidays are over. It keeps the movies and the season special. Plus we are driven crazy by endless hours of Rudolph.

My husband used the love of snowmen to design his “daddy school” lessons. I found this on Amazon and thought this would be fun for his unit. This sticker book is only $1.50 and made in the USA!


If I’m telling the truth, I’d admit my husband forgot to use these for the unit. I might say I found them in the bottom of our art closet and decided to use them while we were waiting for my husband to dress the boys. It’ll just be our secret!

My girl was very excited to play with the sticker book. It isn’t very big. It is a little bigger than my hand. The stickers are stapled inside the book so we had to remove them before she could play. There are boy and girl snow person stickers. She’s a prissy girl and chose to use the girly stickers. Of course, you could mix and match but she has toddler OCD.


I let her pull the stickers off by herself. It is good fine motor practice. They will rip and a few did! She didn’t have a meltdown but I know some kids couldn’t handle that.


She had a blast putting them on, but she didn’t enjoy taking them off. The stickers said reusable on the front, but they rip so easily. They also don’t lay flat after the first use. This was enough to cause a minor tantrum.


You can get four uses out of it since there are four different sets of stickers.


Or you can be like prissy pants and make yourself a snowman! I think that might count as five!

Pros: Cheap, entertaining, made in the USA
Cons: stickers rip easily

Bottom line: it cost $1.50. It isn’t perfect, but she is three and played independently for half an hour! It’s a keeper.

5 thoughts on “I Try It So You Don’t Have To! Snowman Edition

  1. Your daughter is adorable! We’ve gotten different editions of these books – (are the from Dover Publishing) and enjoyed them! This one is a great one, especially this time of year! As for snow, living in New Hampshire we have plenty! Mother Nature dumped about 40 inches in the past 2 weeks and looks like another foot is on the horizon. It’s safe to say, I don’t want to build anymore snowmen 😉 At least not real ones!!!!


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