I Try It So You Don’t Have To.. Paint-a-Doodle

This weekend was exhausting! We had a busy really busy Saturday. My mom had her birthday celebration. They live about two hours from us so we were in the car a lot. My husband took our oldest to his pine wood derby race. It was divide and conquer. I was so tired on Sunday!

Honestly, I stayed in my pajamas all day. I promised the kids we would do a special arts and crafts project. I really didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t self directed. I felt it was the perfect time to try out a Paint-a-Doodle.

I stumbled upon the website and thought they looked pretty cool. I wanted to get two right then and there, but I didn’t want to spend $25 to $27 on them. I looked on Amazon and found two that I knew my kids would love. They were $5 and $6! Awesome! The price has gone up since I purchased, but there are others on Amazon that are bargains.

I was really excited when the canvases came! The set includes paints and brushes too. I did notice that the toucan doodle came without green. My daughter wanted green for the leaves. It wasn’t a big deal for us since my sons came with green, but that might be upsetting to some littles.


We squeezed some paint of each color onto a paper plate. I read some reviews about paint being dry and I was a bit worried. My son’s kit did have two colors that were dry. He wasn’t too disappointed and I wasn’t either since they were so cheap. If I paid full price, I would have been irritated!


My daughter is three. The recommended age is five. I knew she’d have a fit if I didn’t get her one. She did a really good job painting, but she required quite a bit of one on one attention.


My son is seven and he loves cars. He picked this doodle to go on his wall. He had a lot of fun too. He didn’t need my one on one attention like my daughter. He was able to paint it without my help! Serious bonus!



The paintings took about an hour to complete. They were fully engaged the whole time!


Pros cheap, engaging, relaxing for littles
Cons could be pricey if you don’t find a deal, a couple of paints were dry, the ones we bought not made in USA though the ones on the website are, can be stressful for parents
The Bottom Line: I loved these at this price. We only have one income so I couldn’t buy them at regular price. My kids thought it was a great experience. I would recommend to a friend.


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