Melodramatic Dress Dilemma

I’m having a major dress dilemma, and I’m silly enough to let it cause me major stress. My siblings and I gave my mother a photo session as a birthday gift. It will be for our large extended family. We’ve never had a whole family portrait, Needless to say, we are very excited to be able to do this for my mom. My sister and decided to make our photo color scheme purple, yellow and khaki. We based this on my mom’s favorite colors. We
are super bossy and told her she couldn’t wear white like she wanted.

Before you read anymore, please note that I am neurotic. I plan everything. I want perfection! I don’t ever want to compromise. My poor husband, right?

My husband has clothes. My sons were easy to dress. I bought a dress that my sister approved.

My problem is my daughter. I have a picture of a nonexistent perfect dress in my mind. I want a dress that screams little girl. We recently had pictures made where she wore a very bohemian dress. I don’t want that this time. I want to dress her like a little southern girl. I know soon she will balk at dresses like this! I also have expensive taste. I fell in love with this dress. I told my husband the price and he said no way! Ugh. The green in the collar would probably be frowned upon.


I found a couple that I really like, but they are in the wrong size. This Dolls and Divas dress is very pretty but it is way too small.


I like this one the best at the moment. If nothing wows me, I will buy it.


I’m still looking for the perfect dress! Any places I should look? Every had a similar problem with an outfit? Did you feel like you had to compromise?

10 thoughts on “Melodramatic Dress Dilemma

  1. You look gorgeous in your dress! I like the same purple dress you do. Too bad it costs so much. I do like the last purple dress you said you might buy, very pretty. I am sure you little girl will look so adorable in it. She is already adorable so the dress is just an accessory : )


  2. Definitely check out at Etsy! I know in the past I’ve looked for vintage inspired and vintage dresses and I found them. You may even be able to find someone to replicate the first stress that you love so much and just do it in the colors of your choice? I also like the last dress happy she would be down with it since it’s a pretty purple?


  3. Hi April,
    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi and to thank you for stopping by for a visit and for the sweet comment. Hope you find the perfect dress for your daughter…although I really like the last one. I just love little girl dresses with smocking, timeless I agree. Good luck in your search. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,


  4. Love that you are taking a extended family photos! Love the color scheme! Etsy is an amazing place to look for the just right dress! Best Wishes on your search!


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