I Try It So You Don’t Have To (Naked Edition)

I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day! I did. I spent the day shopping with my mom and sister. My husband stayed at home and chilled. We both were doing our preferred activity. He made me a very happy girl. He bought me the Alex and Ani bracelet I wanted.

We spent some quality time together after we put the kids to bed. I love trying new things. I’ve also been craving summer. I’m ready to sit outside and drink margaritas.

I decided to skip the outside part and just have a margarita. I bought this drink mix on Amazon! The name was just too appealing. We thought Knock You Naked was such a funny name.


The disclaimer was also pretty funny! I giggled about the bottle for a while. I told my co workers about it and showed them the photos. They thought it was pretty great too.


The mix was really easy to make. Just drop the mix, tequila, and ice into the blender.


The drink tasted great! We bought crappy tequila and I still thought it was awesome. There was a little hint of saltiness that I loved. The mix was $7.95 on Amazon. The tequila was $15.00. We had quite a bit leftover after making the margaritas. The concoction filled four glasses.

This did not knock me naked. It made me sleepy and I went to bed at 8:30. I’m not even kidding.


Pros: Very yummy, funny name which makes me giggle
Cons: Pricey
Bottom line: I’d buy this again for a special occasion! So yummy! You must try.

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