Images Are Reminders

There is a voice in my head that spews negativity. It has been particularly foul the last few days. I haven’t been on my A game in the mom department. Little things are getting me down. My kids get the short end of my temper, the thinness of my nerves. I go to bed feeling guilty and pledging to do better tomorrow. I wake up just as grumpy as when I laid down. It doesn’t help that my house is a pit of disaster. I cleaned closets and organized clothing this weekend. Ugh. I feel better now, but the magnitude of the operation almost did me in!

I took some photos that remind me to simmer down. Take a chill pill. Relax. These creatures are little and loving life. I need some of that happiness in my heart. Looking through my phone reminded me that I’m having the time of my life.

Life is sweet. Who doesn’t love a key lime cupcake from a true southern buffet restaurant? We indulged in fried chicken too! If you travel down I-75 through Adel, you have got to check out the Parrish House.


Live in the moment. My littlest one wants so badly to be big. This boy so full of enthusiasm for life. I love that he is so laid back and good natured. He’s growing up way too fast. I wish he’d stay little just a bit longer!


Enjoy the simple things.My daughter loves pasta. It is her favorite food. I hope she always eats her pasta with such pleasure! She enjoys good food and company. I hope she’s never afraid of carbs!


Here’s to a better week for the blackhearted ones.

3 thoughts on “Images Are Reminders

  1. The important thing is that you recognize
    that life is good and your babies are such sweet blessings. All mothers go through these moments. We’ve all made mistakes and been overwhelmed. We’re human after all. Every day is a new beginning…:) Enjoy your blessings, they’ll be all grown up before you can blink!


  2. Don’t beat yourself up too much, swe ALL have those days and weekends. I agree that what’s most important is that you recognize them. I think life has a way….of getting in the way! Moms in particular have so much on their plate, expectations are high so give yourself a break. I think grabbing your camera absolutely puts things into perspective…I need to do that more often too! Fantastic shots of your littles!


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