I Try It So You Don’t Have To (Bummer edition)

This is the review of a product that I wanted my kids to love. I was in love with the idea. This is an awesome product that most kiddos would surely enjoy. Mine just didn’t seem to dig it! I am a little disappointed in my children! This activity should be fun. I was imagining that they would be blown away with this play tape. It seemed like such a cool idea. It is made in the USA which made me feel really good! It fosters imagination! It should also foster hours of imaginative play. Not in my house. Nope. It fostered all of about 15 minutes of bickering and complaining!

I found the play tape on Amazon. It was $9.99 for the roll. There were quite a few reviewers unhappy with the length. My kitchen is small so the roll was more than adequate.


The kids were very excited about the idea of the tape. They couldn’t wait to get it open! We used some street signs from Melissa and Doug to add to the excitement.


My King Kong baby and Godzilla cat kept knocking the signs over and frustrating the children. There was a whole bunch of shrieking at the destroyers.
I had to remove the baby.


They placed beautifully for about fifteen minutes!


It was short lived. I left the tape on the floor for many days and tried to encourage them to play in the kitchen! Normally they love to play in there while I am cooking. It was a place to be avoided at all costs!

I’m sad. I can’t figure out why they weren’t interested. Kids are weird!


Pros: cool idea, made in the USA, works great on tile, came up with no residue
Cons: did not hold their interest, some felt the roll was too short for the cost
The bottom line: I think this is cool concept that just didn’t work for my kids. My son is not into his cars recently. He’s an airplane man now.

Would you try it?

9 thoughts on “I Try It So You Don’t Have To (Bummer edition)

  1. Kids are so weird, I agree! It’s impossible to tell what they are going to like sometimes. I have had similar experiences so many times with my own two. I think it sounds like a really fun idea and I probably would have bought it too!


  2. Looks like a cool product, and I think it’s hard to know exactly what will keep them entertained specially during those young ages. You never know though, you could take it out again in a month and they could have fun for hours. Sickly, I found that if I anticipate them being entertained they won’t be but if I throw them in a box and some markers they’ll play for hours. Can’t figure them out!


  3. Hi April, the idea behind this tape is great, but all to often what we think is great, the children don’t. When my two were little we bought them one of those rugs with roads and signs on that they could use their cars and even their wooden train set on, but no. They would much rather bruum their cars free style around the carpet….Always the way!


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