Dolls to Divas (So soon?!?!)

When do girls quit playing with dolls? Is it that childhood is ending sooner or has it always been like this?


My girl is three and loves painting her nails. She also loves playing in my makeup. I often wonder if I should say no. Am I causing her to grow up too fast?


I have a niece that is an adorable little girl. She is spunky and a free spirit. She’s also growing up. She is quickly approaching her eighth year. Just a few months ago she loved Frozen, dolls, and Hello Kitty.These types of interests I can understand. I see the appeal and even enjoy them myself. I even have a Hello Kitty top that I found at Goodwill. I’m an elementary counselor so I will rock it from time to time at work.

I saw some adorable Hello Kitty shoes on MyHabit the other day. I was so excited to get those shoes for my niece. My sister passed this info on to my sister in law. I was stunned at her reply! She said that my niece all of a sudden turned into a big girl and her interests had evolved!! Already?! Sheesh. She was just a baby five minutes ago. These new interests are harder for me.

Her mom said she like Toms, Matilda Jane, and wedge sandals! Woah, that sounds like tween territory to me. Scary. While I love these brands, I can’t afford Toms or Matilda Jane. I’m not sure I’d pick sandals that she’d like because I wince when I see a wedge. I’d want to purchase a some good insoles too.

So what does a aunt buy her evolving almost tween niece? I’ve found a few possibilities, but I’m not convinced on any of them. It is difficult trying to balance her desire to be an adult with the fact that she is still very much a little girl.

These Iscream pajama shorts are very cute. I won’t feel bad about the length of the shorts since she is only wearing them at home.


I know she says she’s over Frozen. I hear her. I also love her a lot because she is a precious friend to her little cousin. They remind me of Elsa and Anna. I think getting the girls matching bubblegum necklaces could be sweet. I love these found on Etsy.


I just don’t want a sad pretweenager on my hands. I know there is a huge tween market, but what do you do for this age group? I was thinking of books, but that is unfamiliar territory too.

I have been very sensitive about my kids growing up. I am proud of them and enjoy them as they grow. I am also sad that I don’t have an itty bitty anymore. I just want a little more time!

Help me! I need info on this age group and what they like!

7 thoughts on “Dolls to Divas (So soon?!?!)

  1. My daughters are 10 and 6. I would say my 10-year-old is still a “young” 10. She does still love American girl, Beanie Boos and animals. Can see a lot of her friends approaching other interests but most of them still can’t resist a cute stuffed animal or arts and crafts stuff. My will say new this year for us has been my daughters obsession with Alex and Ani bracelets and yes, she begged for a pair of Toms for back to school. I’m still trying to figure it all out as well.


  2. I was 12 when I quit playing with my Barbies and I sold them in a yard sale. My girls were a bit younger and their girls a bit younger yet. I don’t know why this is but I think nail polish is ok. One of my favorite memories is when Christmas time came and I was so sick I was stuck on the couch as 6 of my granddaughters played nail polish with their grandfather. They were 2-6 in age and he sat there painting all of their nails and helping them glitter them with a toy they got for Christmas, so precious a memory!


  3. I stopped playing with toys when I was at least 12. Even then I still loved to watch my mom play dress up but she would never let me play in her makeup. I guess it left me something to look forward too. I couldn’t wait to be a woman. I may not have met you, but I’m sure you are doing a wonderful job with your daughter 🙂


  4. I’m with you, I don’t know what to do with a preteen and what kinds of things girls these days are into. My niece is 5 so is soon to start growing out of those things like you just mentioned. Do share once you figure it out 🙂


  5. I feel like you can never go wrong with crafts. We were surprised at the amazing collection at crafts at Toys R Us, they have activities that are fun for kids of all ages, and a lot of them actually yield really cool end products. We got my niece a movie maker that was only $20 and she loved it.


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