Counting Down

I am ready for Spring! I’m in serious need of a vacation! The last week of March we’ll be headed to Pine Mountain, Ga for a lite rest and relaxation. It’ll be a new adventure because we are staying in a yurt. I’m calling this trip Camping Light or Intro to Camping.

My kids are very excited, but they don’t have a great concept of time. They ask how many more days over and over again. Last year I had the idea to do a vacation count down chain! Each day we cut off a link until we get to the last one. It says “here we go”. I didn’t have a kiddo old enough to write last year so I did the majority of the work. They loved it!


This year my oldest is seven. He selected the paper colors, cut out the linkd, and even wrote the numbers. All I had to do was staple the links together. I think he was feeling a bit nostalgic for fall with his color selections!


Every day my seven year old begs to cut a link off of the chain. It is a great visual for my three year old that doesn’t understand the concept of a month. We even hung it on the fire place so it is front and center.


I am ready for our outdoor adventure!

Are you counting down to anything?

11 thoughts on “Counting Down

  1. My girls use to make a paper chain to count down the days till Christmas. Now I carry on the traditional with my grandchildren. Never thought to use it for other events.


  2. Such a fun way to countdown! I cannot wait to see photos of your trip! Yurts fascinate me, what an excellent way to introduce everybody to camping! So fun!!!


  3. This is a great idea! We are going to be doing two big vacations this summer. One in June to New Jersey to stay in a beach house, and one in August to go to Southern California and Disneyland. My kids are already asking about when it is. I think I will do this for sure. I will have to wait a little bit, otherwise it would be a really long chain to cut. I think it will be good for me too, I am just as eager as the kids 🙂


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