Rave Review

I was all set to write a post bemoaning the evils I have experienced this last week. I was about to follow a path of negativity, but then I had an experience that made me feel a bit more positive. One purchase reminded me that some people do care.

My daughter and I will be heading to Disney on Ice this weekend. She desperately wants to go to Disney World to see her beloved princesses. We can’t do that on a teacher’s salary. I was really excited when Disney on Ice was headed to a nearby town. I wanted to make this an awesome experience for her. She may be well out of the princess stage before I get her to Disney World. I really wanted to get her a cute outfit to wear. I purchased this skirt.

She has a black sweatshirt and some cute tights. I wanted to buy her a cute accessory. I found a cute necklace on Etsy. It was perfect!


I ordered the necklace and waited. It seemed like it was taking a super long time. I checked the order and the necklace was still in Texas. I watched for a couple days and the tracking didn’t move. I contacted the USPS and they told me to contact the seller. I emailed her and she promptly replied. She and I chatted and she offered to make a new one. She saw a picture of my girl’s skirt and made her an awesome necklace. I got it today and it is perfect. She also threw in a bracelet. I’m singing her praises. She made me smile! She made my girl happy. If you are in the market for little girl’s jewelry or bows, check out HalfPintRepublic.

She went way above and beyond to help me put a smile on my girl’s face.

Has anything good happened to you?

4 thoughts on “Rave Review

  1. I think that’s one of the things I love most about etsy, working directly with real people who take pride in their work! So glad she made another adorable one and that skirt? Priceless! I hope you and your girl have an amazing time at Disney on Ice!!!


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