Disney on Ice

Woohoo! We survived Disney on Ice. My sweet girl had an amazing time seeing her princesses. We saw the Celebrations show in Macon, Ga. There were appearances by Tinkerbell, Tiana, Belle, and many more of her favorites. I knew not to expect to see Elsa and Anna, but she was a little bummed that Rapunzel wasn’t in the show. Tangled has quickly become her favorite movie.

If you have a young Disney fan in your life, I strongly recommend looking for a Disney on Ice show in your area. My daughter is in the height of her Disney phase. She’d love a trip to Disney world but we can’t afford a trip of that magnitude. I was feeling pretty down that she’d never get to see her beloved princesses. Ticket master seemed to realize my sadness and magically sent me an email about Disney on Ice!

I went prepared to spend some dough on merchandise. They did not disappoint. We also planned to eat some junky nachos and have a soda but the lines at intermission were out of control. My girl ended up with an Elsa doll for $35 and an adorable Tinkerbell cup for $12. We felt like we got out of there without breaking the bank. She was satisfied and is clutching her Elsa in her bed as I type.

I recommend:
1. Get dressed up! It’s fun! Most of the kiddos were outfitted. My sister and I also had on fun shirts.
2. Take some cash! Merchandise is everywhere. Your kid is going to want something.
3. Be prepared for local color ;). I saw and experienced some very interesting people.
4. Have fun!


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