Miss Fancy Pants

I’m on a mini hiatus because we’ve got some funky sickness at my house. It is circulating to each one of us! I am hopeful we will all be on the mend by the time Spring Break rolls around!

My daughter’s not sick so I took her for milkshakes! She insisted that I let her dress like Fancy Nancy! She loves those books! She even says Oh La La and Voila!

We had a book fair at my school this week. I resisted buying anything for her until today. I noticed they had the original Fancy Nancy book. I knew she’d love it! I can’t wait to give it to her later today!


It is kind of cool that she idolizes a book character! We were browsing Etsy the other day and we saw a doll that she wants. She told me she’d name it Marabelle after Nancy’s doll. I didn’t even know her doll’s name and I’ve read the books a bunch of times!


Do your kids have a favorite book character? Did you have one as a child?>

2 thoughts on “Miss Fancy Pants

  1. Awwww I love that doll. I don’t have a kid, but I used to love Strawberry shortcake. I used to have just about everything they made for her. And the catch was, I had to be good in school to get a new doll :). I also used to love Cabbage Patch dolls. Remember those? Loved this post


  2. What a beautiful doll! Love it! My youngest loves Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious these days! I hope everybody is feeling better ASAP! Your daughter is a little doll!


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