Princess inspired pizza

I try to get my kids involved in meal planning. My oldest is seven and he loves selecting items for our menu. He really loves asking for Mac and cheese! It has been his choice every week. We have tried several different recipes, but he always compares it to Cracker Barrel’s. I can’t make any that he feels can compare!

My daughter is a bit harder to convince. She isn’t a fan of most of my cookbooks. They just don’t appeal to a three year old princess! Princess?! Duh! That’s what I need to get her attention. I ordered this Disney Princess cookbook and she was instantly much more interested in cooking.

She looked through the book and picked Merida’s Bulls Eye pizza. It was a very basic recipe. My husband just adapted it. He made a basic pizza crust, put Ragu spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese on top. He then placed the pepperoni on top in a Bulls eye pattern. Voila!

It may not be much to look at, but it was easy and very tasty! My daughter gobbled it up. It was pizza truly fit for my princess.

8 thoughts on “Princess inspired pizza

  1. There is a Princess cookbook? How did I miss this? I think our family needs this! I have 3 princesses and unless it is cookies they don’t enjoy being in the kitchen with me very much, well the toddler does, but she is far from helpful. This cookbook just might do the trick. Thanks for sharing and make sure to tell your princess I think she did a swell job cooking this!


  2. Hi Betty, getting children involved in meal planning is a great way of teaching them to eat healthier. Your homemade pizza looks the business and if your daughter emptied her plate, it must have tasted as good as it looks!


  3. So Important to get the kids involved in the kitchen in and instill healthy eating habits from such an early age! I love this princess, and it looks absolutely delicious to me!


  4. This story reminds me about when my girls were little and they had a Care Bear’s cookbook that we used to make things together. They always ate better when they were involved in the cooking. The pizza looks yummy!


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