Betty’s Vacation Musts

Whew! We spent last week on a four day camping excursion in a yurt. It was a lot of fun but it totally wore me out. Camping in a yurt is what my husband calls “camping light”. I say anything that doesn’t have an attached bathroom is roughing it.

I do love traveling! I’m a big planner. I spend a lot of time looking at Trip Advisor and various travel sights. Each year we go somewhere different and somewhere we’ve never been before. There are several experiences I add to my itinerary each year.

1. Outdoor Experiences We started our vacation by stopping at Providence Canyon. I’ve always heard it referred to as the Little Grand Canyon. It was so beautiful. I had to research it and I learned it happened as a result of bad farming practices. I feel a bit conflicted in my love!

2. Great Food I love eating local! We didn’t eat at a chain the entire trip. I started off with a huge plate of barbecue chicken. It was great and I ate way more than I should have.

3. Interesting Accommodations We traveled on to where we’d spend the rest of our trip. We landed in Pine Mountain, Ga which is located in the middle of nowhere. It was a cute little town with only one grocery store. It seemed everything closed pretty early too! We went to our yurt and my daughter was instantly excited. She loved it!

4. Days With Laid Back Fun We love to spend days being lazy explorers. We don’t stand in lines and we don’t have a huge agenda. We spent a day at Calloway Gardens which really fit the bill. My husband and my oldest rented a jonboat and spent the day fishing. My little ones
and myself explored. They both ran and played until my daughter swore she had broken her leg!

She hitched a ride on her brother’s stroller to ease the pain!

5. Kid Friendly Museums My husband heard that there was an infantry museum in nearby Columbus. My husband had to go see it. It was an unplanned addition to our trip, but I’d recommend it! It had lots of my littles to do. They were able to dress up as soldiers and play in a tank.



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