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My name is April and I’m working on a better attitude. I really am quite funny and rather creative. I just have a busy life with three kids and a full time job. I’m tired. I’m also on of those people who is bound to drive you crazy. I don’t have a clear focus or moments of tranquility. I’m neurotic. I am super unorganized. I lose everything. Seriously! I’m more than imperfect. I’m a mess!

Being a mom has only made me crazier. I have three kiddos and a husband. They have the task of putting up with me daily. My husband is a stay at home dad and a college student. He’s a career changer and it’s awesome. I have a Master’s degree in Education and I work full time at an elementary school. I spend my life surrounded by little critters!

I grew up in south Georgia. It is the land where people wear camo (even when it isn’t trendy) and drive gas guzzling pick up trucks. The drink of choice was the always classy Natural Light. I didn’t get far on my quest to get away. I ran about an hour south for seven years, but I’ve moved back so my husband can go to school.

This blog is a blog of blunders. I make mistakes in parenting, baking, cooking, cleaning, home renovation, and decorating. It is a lot of fun to poke fun at myself!


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